Enjoy the scalability of the cloud servers

Your website is now available to the world thanks to our top-notch hosting service. The quality of our servers is reflected in your website and this is why we have high standards when it comes to delivering hosting solutions.

Hosting your website on a standard server is a good choice if you run a business from your home. If you think big and you want to build an empire you need more space, more resources and faster connection.

You will grow fast and so will your content. In these situations we move quickly to accommodate your needs and expand your resources.

Besides on being hosted on high end servers, you will also benefit from:
  • Fully managed hosting platform for a stress-free experience.
  • Usage monitoring, resource allocation and reporting. You will have access to everything so you can be in charge of your own website.
  • You get the best support 24 x 7 because we have your back.
  • Keep safe and protected with email spam and antivirus protection.
  • You get free webmail access for all the hosted addresses no mater your location.
  • Enjoy free domain hosting from Support Servers.
  • The data center infrastructure is tuned for peak performance so they can satisfy both your customers and employees.

We’ve provided hosting services to clients for 20 years

Hosting Solutions

Dedicated and managed server hosting

You might be losing customers without knowing the reason. Slow loading times or website security issues are important factors that influence your customers’ behavior.

Our managed and dedicated servers use top-notch technology specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

The managed server hosting environments will allow you to handle the server using a self-service Control Portal. The customer support team will always have your back when needed.

Ecommerce solutions

If you are selling products or services you need to be extra careful when managing your online e-commerce website. Hosting and managing such websites requires thorough planning and execution and great technical expertise.

Our data centers are equipped to comply with all the security standards: from firewalls, to encryption, malware detection and scanning applications that protect sensitive data available on an e-commerce website.

Application and website hosting

This solution gives you the freedom to contract our hosting services for the time needed on a certain project and not for a predefined number of months or years.

Rich media applications like video streaming websites or video games as well as mobile applications are dynamic and their resource requirements vary. We provide the hybrid technologies that support all the traffic consumed by your users.

Storage solutions

Many businesses face a rapid growth of their website and applications and most of the times this becomes overwhelming because they don’t have the expertise and the infrastructure required in these cases.

Support Servers offers dedicated and shared SAN storage as well as SATA, SAS and SSD local storage. Working with the best in the industry gives us the advantage of assessing the storage server architecture so we know what is best suited to your needs.

Email hosting

The enterprise email is different from the personal one so you need to access it anywhere and anytime safe and secure.

Support Servers provides you with the dependable communications you need through our cloud-hosted email platform. In today’s working environment emails are crucial for the functioning of a business. This has now become the main means of communication when doing business.

This is why you need reliable and secure email hosting provided by the best engineers that can offer dependable resources.

Our engineers and experts offer easy and affordable email hosting so your employees can do their job without worrying about the technicalities.

Because the access to your emails is not just from 9 to 5 this service comes with so many other benefits:
Virus and spam protection
Reliable hosting
Scalable resources for growing accounts and storage
Remotely accessible for your entire company no matter their location