Colocation Services and Solutions

We make sure your critical applications, web and email servers are always safe and sound.

This is why we built our colocation services and solutions.

Once more we got you covered with highly reliable colocation services that keep your valued resources in a safe environment. Don’t let yourself fooled by the illusion that having all the equipment on-site will make your job easier. Hosting equipment in your office is not only risky, but is also costly.

Do you need more arguments in favor of our colocation service? Here are all the benefits that come with our solutions:

  • Access to every major cloud provider
  • Access to every major internet provider
  • Access to carrier diversity
  • Easy cross-connection to other services
  • 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps internet access from your rack

The entire colocation service is relying on the data centers that give all the necessary resources. This is why our data centers feature N+1 redundancy when it comes to power and cooling. It’s highly unlikely that your server will ever be offline because of power loss or unplanned shutdown caused by overheating.

We make sure that all data centers meet the highest standards of security that include swipe-card, pin code and fingerprint access. We control who has access to these data centers and you also have access to this information.